PRESIDENT’S STATEMENT FOR NOVEMBER, 2018 It’s not easy to realize I’m not in Venice anymore. Andy and I loved it so much. I didn’t realize how much he loved it until today; he said let’s start planning to go back next year, for two weeks instead of one. OK by me. I love those bellini and prosecco and ciccetti and no cars. It’s time to learn some more Italian. But now it’s back to doing artwork. At the very well attended October meeting we had an informative and entertaining presentation by David Galli, a docent from the DIA. He asked us trivia questions about the DIA. What was the first artwork acquired by the DIA? Reading the Story of Oenone by Francis Davis Millet, 1883. It’s about young women listening to a tragic love story from Greek mythology. We then had a short business meeting. It was a lively meeting with so many good ideas shared. We discussed at length the generous contribution of the $500 award to be given at our BBAC show. We will divide it into at least three awards. I had some further contact with Mary Ellen Gardner and I’m happy to tell you that the Herb and Jeanne Gardner Award will be given annually for ten years. The November meeting will be an outing to the DIA. We meet at 11:30 am, in Café DIA, but the museum opens at 9:00 am if you want to come early to look around or draw in the galleries. Loretta MINUTES FROM OCTOBER 9, 2018 Loretta Markell called the meeting to order at 11:01 a.m. Members were requested to sign in on the attendance sheet. Marcia Tournay introduced our speaker, David Galli, DIA docent and volunteer. Highlights of his talk included: The DIA is sixth largest art museum in the country. The Detroit Museum of Art was established in 1888 at Jefferson and Hastings. Ground was broken at 5200 Woodward for the current DIA in 1922 and the contents from the original museum were transferred to the city of Detroit (this is not a unique occurrence when the cities establish their own museums). Performing arts, an 1,100 seat theater, was added in 1928. Major initial contributors and influences on the work that was subsequently acquired were William Valentiner, Edsel Ford, Eleanor Clay Ford, and Robert Hudson Tannahill (cousin to Ford). The South Wing was added in 1966 and the North Wing was added in 1971. From the collection of 65,000, several artworks were discussed. Ninety percent is in storage and 5,500 pieces are on the wall. Delicate items, i.e. fabrics, papers, prints, are normally rotated as follows: three months on display, two years in storage. Some special exhibitions and new collections were also highlighted. Visitors from over 60 countries and 44-50 states visit annually. Jan Filarski presented Mr. Galli with a $100 donation to the DIA. A brief break preceded the business meeting. Two new members, Chris Trombley, and Helen Vlasic, were welcomed. Treasurer, Ev Schwartz, presented this year’s fiscal (June 1-May 31) budget, which was approved following discussion on donations. Mary Ellen Gardner is a new $500 donation (to be split into various award amounts), agreed to be used at the BBAC exhibition, annually, with no defining length of time. Previous donations appear to have expired. Jan Filarski and Laura Whiteside Host discussed that our next member meeting is to the DIA on November 13. Members are requested to meet at the cafeteria at 11:30, after their drawing (pencils and kneaded erasers preferred, stools are available in some galleries) or visitation excursions. Sue Bauman asked those signed up for November refreshments (Donna Thibodeau, Shirley Gower, and Jan Gongloff) to bring those foods to the May, 2019 meeting. Connie McEwan will host the Christmas party at her home; those with last names beginning with M-Z are to bring food to this event. Marcia Tournay is hosting an art party at her home on October 12-13. The Great Lakes Show is at Lawrence Street Gallery, with Beverly Booth, Susan Kwolek, Lesley Kutinsky, and Ann Kelly contributing work. Ann Kelly’s husband’s book, Pitchman’s Blues, is to receive the George Garrett Fiction Prize. She designed the cover. It is requested that members return their chairs to the adjacent room, and return the furniture to its original placement. The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Jan Gongloff for Cindy Parsons SHOW AT JANICE CHARACH GALLERY (in June, 2019) Here are some answers to questions in regard to the Charach Show in June. Hope everyone checks this out: The Curator of the gallery and her assistant will be the jurors at no cost to us. All art must be in high resolution and submitted to Lesley. The artist must include size, medium, title, name and a small description. Please be aware that any art submitted without the 5 items mentioned above will not be submitted. So please pay attention when you send the files. All artists must include the consignment sheet and contract. Be sure to down load file for yourself. (Included at end of newsletter) Right now it looks like you can submit three paintings but this could change. Dead line will be March 28th and the results by April 4th. Everything should be “hang ready” at drop off. If unframed paper or canvas it is suggested using binder clips or a creative way that works with the piece. Nothing should be taller than 8’. All items must be for sale. They take 50% commission. The show date is Sunday, June 2nd and will close on July 3rd. Drop off would be May 20-21 between 11:00-2:00 Reception -Sunday between 1:00-3:00 or 1:00-4:00 Out take: Monday after the show Artists will remove their own paintings at out take April 14th everything needs to be completed for the press releases that go out in May. ANNOUNCEMENTS Fran Wolok, Jan Filarski, Sue Kwolek, and Jan Brown have a show at the Art of Custom Framing in Troy titled Rules Unknown. (3863 Rochester Rd) Opening is Nov. 17th from 1-4 PM. The show runs from Nov. 15th-Dec. 13th. Loretta Markell’s painting Thistle Heart was accepted into the Gold Medal Exhibition at the Scarab Club. The show will be up from November 21 - January 5. Lesley Kutinsky won first place in Lawrence Street Gallery’s show “Not a Drop to Drink.” Many members were accepted into the Our Town show: Robbie Best, Ann Caldwell Kelly, Patty Esenbraun, Fran Seikaly, Laura Whitesides Host, and Connie McEwan. Our Town: Opening Reception is Nov. 1st, 6 to 9. Then it's open on Friday and Saturday. Friday night is a fun party called Art After Work with drinks and apps. $30 ticket includes apps, drink, and great presentation on how to size, frame, and place art. Lawrence Street Gallery has its annual Think Small Show in December. All media work needs to be 12 inches and smaller and due at Gallery the last week of November the 28- Dec 1 during gallery hours. Entry forms on Vasu Tolia has a painting accepted at the Scarab Club for a December show. November Meeting at the DIA (See Loretta’s statement at the beginning!) November meeting: If anyone would like a ride or is willing to drive from the BBAC to the DIA please notify Laura Host. 248-514-2441. I plan on leaving at 9:30 from the BBAC lower parking lot. I can take 5 people. We could meet at the DIA in the entrance that is right by the theater and restaurant -it's easy to park across the street in their parking lot and walk across to that entrance. We are meeting for lunch at around 11:45 in the cafeteria. If you are going to sketch - bring a sketch book, pencils (nothing messy like charcoal) and a kneaded eraser (not the gum kind that leaves little pills.) They have stools all over the place. A lot of people expressed interest in the new expanded Asian wing and/or the exhibit "Lost and Found" Photos from the DIA collection. Please call your friends that are near you and come together! Invited guests welcome as well! 
Laura Whitesides Host Jan Brown Newsletter Editor