PRESIDENT’S STATEMENT FOR JANUARY 2019 We had a really fun holiday party with all of our BSWP friends. There was so much good food and drink with lots of laughs during the gift exchange. Thanks to all who brought contributions of food and chairs and all of your help. A great big special thank you to Connie McEwan for inviting us into her lovely home. We enjoyed seeing her studio as well as the artwork on the walls. Thank you Connie! Our next meeting will be January 8 at 10:45 am at the Lutheran Church. We look forward to starting the New Year with all of you and your creative ideas. Things to think about: 1. Volunteering to help with our shows. 2. Consider taking on a board position. 3. Ideas of how to increase our funds. 4. Potential new members. 5. Experience with computers, making websites, creating labels, booklets. 6. Any job you think would be useful to our group. Happy Holidays and see you next year. Loretta PS: For her recipe: MINUTES from December 11, 2018 The meeting and Holiday Party were held at Connie McEwan’s beautiful home. Loretta Markell opened the meeting at 11:00 and thanked Connie for inviting us to have our party there. Ellie Gause shared some information about the upcoming exhibit at the BBAC. The name of the exhibit will be the BSWP Annual Exhibit with the actual number of exhibits we have had there. Important information to remember: Intake will be March 4th, 10-12, Jury 12-2, and artists will be notified to come get declined work after jurying is complete. Installation will be done between 2 and 5 pm. There will be $500 in awards given out at the opening reception thanks to the Gardner family and the award will bear their name. Information and images of the artwork will have to be submitted to Connie McEwan by the end of January for publicity purposes. Information about the Janice Charach Gallery show, was shared at the last meeting and Leslie Kutinsky wanted to remind everyone that for jurying this show the submissions will be electronic via dropbox and we should make sure we are renaming the files with the artists last name and the name of the art. More information will be provided at the January meeting. Announcements of Marilyn Blinder and Raenette McManus’s obituary announcements were shared. The party commenced with lunch and the gift exchange game. Thirty-four members were present. Respectfully Submitted, Cindy Parsons Recording Secretary ANNOUNCEMENTS Barbara and Cindy will be showing everyone at the meeting how to download their artwork for the Charach Show. You are are to bring your questions so there will be no misunderstanding of how to do it. The Birmingham Community House 34th Annual ‘Our Town Art Show and Sale’ - 5/17 & 5/18/19. 248-644-5832 380 South Bates St., Birmingham (Deadline: 2/11/19) Fran Seikaly has an oil painting, “Turbulent Tuesday “ juried into the DAM All Media Show and a pastel accepted into Farmington City Hall art exhibition along with three of her students art work. Robbie Best has been juried into the 2019/2020 Public Art Program at the Farmington Hills City Hall at 28600 W. Eleven Mile Road in Farmington Hills. The Artists Reception will be on Monday, January 14, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and is free and open to the public. Lesley Kutinsky will be one of the featured artists in Lawrence St. Gallery's Best of the Best group exhibit in January. Show Dates: Jan. 9 - 25. Opening Reception is Friday, Jan. 11 from 6 - 9 pm. The Group show is all the winners of LSG's juried exhibits in 2018. Vasu Tolia had two paintings accepted at Colors of Humanity Gallery for Blue show in December.; one painting ‘Frozen Fantasy’ accepted with honorable mention in JMane online gallery; and one painting in ’Think Small’ show at Lawrence Street Gallery. A reminder to those exhibiting at the church: (the Artist of the Month activity, which is to display artwork throughout the year at the church which hosts our meetings.) Barb Baker for January, Jan Brown for February, Bette Sylvester for March, Colleen Hilzinger for April, and Jan Filarski for May. FRIENDSHIP Donna Thibodeau sent a thank you card to Connie McEwan thanking her for a great party and the generosity of sharing her home with us. Another thank you card was sent to Pastor Paul Walters at the Lutheran Church of the Master expressing our gratitude for the use of our meeting room at no charge. This was arranged by Shirley Gower who is a member of the church. ____________________________________________________________________ January Meeting: Tuesday, January 8, 2018, 10:45 A.M. Lutheran Church of the Master 3333 Coolidge Highway, Troy, MI 48084-1417 Katherine Harra and Annetta Lind have volunteered to bring dessert to the meeting. CALENDAR FOR 2019: This includes all the info I’ve been given…notice I’ve tried to color code the shows…I will continue to send this with each newsletter with any updates I get! JANUARY FEBRUARY • Guest speaker Robert Onnes from 333 Midland, Highland Park at BSWP meeting on Feb. 12th. MARCH • Bring work to the BBAC on March 4 from 9-11; hanging after • BBAC Exhibition begins March 8 with Opening Reception • Digital files submitted to Dropbox using one of the methods on the next page. • Deadline for submissions to the Charach Show is March 28 APRIL • Notification of Charach Show acceptance • April 14th: Bios and artist statements due for artists whose work has been accepted for the Charach show • BBAC Exhibition ends April 18 MAY • Drop off for Charach Show is May 20-21 between 11 and 2. • Library show sometime this month JUNE • Opening for Charach Show on Sunday, June 2, between 1-3 (or 4) JULY • Charach Show closes July 3; out take the Monday after , the 8th AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Again, all errors are mine to claim! On the next three pages, I repeat info from previous newsletters regarding the Charach show. Please have any questions at the January meeting! Jan Brown Newsletter Editor Information about the BSWP Janice Charach Gallery Show This is an opportunity to push our boundaries. The curator (who will jury the show) is looking for new, contemporary art. All work must be FOR SALE. Maximum height is 8 feet. 2 and 3-D works will be accepted. We will vote on a name for the show at the January meeting. Accepted artists are invited to submit a one-page artist statement/bio that will be displayed at the gallery. All artists with works on display must sign a consignment agreement, which can be delivered along with the work. Digital submissions • All images must be submitted digitally for consideration. Each BSWP member is invited to submit 3-5 works. • Images must be Hi Resolution jpeg files. The gallery requests that they be at least 300 pixels per inch or 2 megabytes in size. This is for print and bettor juror viewing. • Files should be named using the following convention: yourlastname_paintingname.jpg • There are three ways to submit files: • Do it yourself: Use the link in the email that Barbara Baker will send out to upload your files into Dropbox. You will not need a Dropbox account. Also, send an email to Barbara with the name of your paintings, size and medium. Barbara will review the images to make sure they are hi res and send you an email confirmation. Barbara will send out the request email several times starting in January. • Bring your files to the January or February meeting on a flashdrive along with a paper or file that has the name, size and medium for each of your paintings • If neither 1 or 2 work for you – or you need to do this before January, call Barbara and we’ll figure it out. CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT ARTIST NAME EMAIL BUSINESS NAME PHONE ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP Please give detailed descriptions. Retail price is DOUBLE the Artist’s price. (50% Commission) 1 TITLE MEDIUM SIZE DESCRIPTION ARTIST $ RETAIL $ 2 TITLE MEDIUM SIZE DESCRIPTION ARTIST $ RETAIL $ 3 TITLE MEDIUM SIZE DESCRIPTION ARTIST $ RETAIL $ 4 TITLE MEDIUM SIZE DESCRIPTION ARTIST $ RETAIL $ 5 TITLE MEDIUM SIZE DESCRIPTION ARTIST RETAIL $ I hereby consign the above listed works to the Janice Charach Gallery with the complete understanding of the consignment agreement. SIGNATURE DATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EXHIBITION AND SALE • Title. The Artist warrants that the Artist has created, and has unencumbered title to, all art objects consigned hereunder. • Records. The Jewish Community Center will keep proper records of transactions regarding the Artist’s work, and such records will be available for the Artist’s inspection during regular business hours. • Reproduction Rights. The Artist reserves all rights of reproduction of consigned work, provided the Jewish Community Center may publish photographs of all such work for promotional and/or educational purposes as it may deem appropriate, including social media online. • Liability. The Center is acting solely as a representative of the Artist, and neither it nor its members will be liable for loss or damage to works of art on the premises (or exhibited elsewhere within the sole discretion and under the control of the Center) due to fire, theft, negligence or any other cause. The Center may at its option maintain such insurance coverage as it deems appropriate, but it shall have no obligation to do so. • Sales Price. Prices for art objects listed on this form shall remain at the price listed. Prices cannot be altered during the consignment period. • Commission. The Center shall receive a commission of fifty percent (50%) of the Artist’s price for all works in the main gallery, and thirty percent (30%) of the Artist’s price for all works in the gallery shop. Artists with gallery affiliation must notify the Jewish Community Center in writing so that appropriate contact with said gallery may be made and negotiation of commission percentage arranged. • Payment. Payment on sales shall be made to the Artist within 30 days after the end of the month in which the proceeds of the sale are received. Installment sales will be made only on terms agreed upon by the Center and the Artist, but the Center reserves the right to withhold payment on an installment sale until it is paid in full. • Return of Art Objects. Exhibited artwork cannot be removed for the duration of the exhibition. Art objects submitted for exhibition and sale will be picked up by the Artist within 30 days after the end of the exhibition. If art objects are not picked up within three months (90 days) of the exhibition’s end, the artwork Jewish Community Center. • Shipping. Cost of shipping artwork to and from the gallery, local or otherwise, is the sole responsibility of the Artist, unless other arrangements are made by contract and signed by both parties. • Binding Effect, Modification. The rights and obligations of the Jewish Community Center and the Artist are binding upon and inure to the benefit of their respective heirs, representatives, successors and assigns. Any change in this agreement must be in writing, and signed by all parties involved. STAFF SIGNATURE DATE Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit 6600 W. Maple Road ● West Bloomfield, MI 48322 Phone 248.432.5579