November Newsletter 2017 President’s Statement - Loretta Markell We had a good program with Jeff Jantz at our October meeting. Almost everyone bought one of his books. I am now his Facebook friend. Our archives are back in the BBAC library with one scrapbook expected back soon. Marcia Tournay is working on organizing and getting rid of extraneous, unnecessary paper work, keeping minutes and other necessary and historically significant documents. We still need two volunteers to chair the Detroit Public Library Show. I hope some of the new members will volunteer. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard and you will have plenty of support. If interested please contact Lesley Kutinsky, Jan Filarski, or Loretta Markell. See you at the D.I.A. for the November 14 meeting, in the cafeteria at noon. The BBAC show, Perceptions, is a beautiful show. The juror, Elena Arnaoutova had a very difficult job because the quality of work was so good and, because of space limitations she was only allowed to accept 40 works out of the 80 that were submitted. She was wonderful and said she literally felt pain at having to exclude so many wonderful works. Congratulations to everyone. 
BBAC Show Prizewinners: Connie McEwan, The Watcher, Corinne Maillard Robinson, Best of Show Award (1st Place) Bonnie Weir, In Our Reverie, 2nd place Loretta Markell, Man with Cat, 3rd place Fran Wolok, ICU 2, President’s Choice Award Jan Brown, The Beginning of Forgetting, Honorable Mention Barbara Keidan, Man with Beard, Honorable Mention Lisa Richter, Remains of the Day, Honorable Mention
 BSWP MEETING MINUTES, OCT 10, 2017 Presentation by Jeff Jantz, illustrator and sculptor was fun and informative. Jeff provided a slide presentation about himself and his journey to where he is now, an author of children’s books, illustrator and sculptor. He showed us his sculptures, the characters he created and talked about his processes. More information about Jeff can be found at President Loretta Markell called the meeting to order after Jeff’s presentation and lunch. 27 members were present. Loretta asked if there were any questions or changes to the minutes from the last meeting. Connie McEwan said she had more information to add to the discussion about how long we are supposed to keep documents for tax purposes and other reasons. If this is a 501c corporation there are documented reasons to hold certain documents. She was directed to share the information with Ev Schwartz after the meeting. Exhibition updates: Lesley Kutinsky said we have three exhibitions planned for this year: BBAC, Detroit Public Library, and the Novi Civic Center. BBAC show, Monday Oct.16th is intake and hang, pick up rejected work same day (after 3. Opening reception is Friday, October 20, 6-8. The show runs 10/20 - 11/17. Take down will be 11/18 from 10-4 (Saturday) do not pick it up early. Make sure you label work on the back with name and title. Katherine Harra and Ellie Gause are co-chairs. The list of volunteers was read off for who she needs at the intake in the morning and then the list of people needed for hanging. There was also an email about this last week. Sue Kwolek will not be able to help for health and personal reasons. Laura will do the labels Ellie is making arrangements with the Juror. Papa Romano pizza & salad will be provided for juror lunch. Kati Montgomery and Loretta Markell will help with hanging too. Hanging volunteers please bring hammers (Laura will supply the nails). Wine and popcorn will be provided by BBAC and Katherine will contact the cheeseball lady. New member Connie McEwan designed some awards certificates and will provide them for the reception. Ev Schwartz will provide award checks and pay juror. Artists remember that BBAC retains a commission of 45%. Detroit Public Library Show: Jan Filarski provided more information about this show. Installation will be 5/7/18. This will be a non-juried show so members should provide 2 paintings (preferably that have been juried into other shows). Jan said people have already been letting her know they are leaving for the winter and won’t be back before the show so people will need to coordinate artwork delivery etc. We still need 2 chairpersons, no one volunteered. This exhibit will be on the first floor of the library. At this time we don’t think there will be a commission requirement. Novi Civic Center show: Mid-August through September. 30% commission goes to the city of Novi but there is no fee for the show. Other details still coming. Decision about jurying the work will be made after the Library show. Lesley thanks everyone for all of the suggestions for venues and she’ll start working on next year’s exhibits now. Programs report: Jan Filarski - We enjoyed today’s program with Jeff Jantz. In November, Ellie Gause has the group going to the DIA, where there is a Monet show & a Church show. The DIA will be opening the reinstalled Asian exhibit as well. Arrive in the morning when you wish (DIA opens at 9:00 am) and we will meet in the cafeteria at noon. In December, Sally Parsons volunteered her home for our holiday gathering. She lives in Birmingham, more to come. January will be our business meeting and in February, we will have Jeff Canselosi as a presenter. He is a great photographer and does wonderful portraits using stamps and tape. March will be coordinated by Loretta Markell. She doesn’t have anything yet. Possibly Kim Roney, a cold wax demonstrator. April Unknown. May new members will be juried. Carolyn Hall is taking over new member job. June picnic. Treasurers Report: Ev Schwartz presented the treasures report and stated income so far is $2765 in dues. $100 was refunded from the picnic last June. Expenses are higher due to the BBAC donation ($1000) and she read off the current charges. We now have $5095.21 in our account. Membership Dues: Laura Whitesides Host reported that 10 people haven’t paid dues yet for this year. One says she did pay. She will send a note to others. Lillian Moran’s status is unknown. Betty Sylvester will be called and offered Inactive Associate Membership, due to health reasons. Members who have not paid dues may not exhibit at BBAC. Membership booklet: New members that don’t have the directory should have received a booklet in the mail. If they didn’t, get it at the meeting. There is one revision on the list: Barbara Baker’s email. A new booklet will be handed out at the holiday meeting. Friendship: Shirley Gower’s husband broke his hip. Other news: Our BSWP website is linked to the BBAC website. Our Facebook page is established. It is set up so that anyone can post whatever they want and everyone is encouraged to post their art activities and share. Our Town, many members are in it. Marcia Tournay received a 1st place award and Lisa Richter a 2nd place for the current Palette and Brush club show. Sold many pieces so far. DSWPS show at Starkweather Gallery in Romeo. Several members are in it. Loretta Markell is in a show at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Respectfully Submitted, Cindy Parsons, Recording Secretary ANNOUNCEMENTS Friendship committee sent a sympathy card to Colleen Hilzinger for her husband, one to Susan Kwolek for the passing of her mother and a cheer card to Shirley Gower who has an ill husband. We all send our support and good wishes. From Laura Whitesides Host: I’m participating in Call & Response: Poets & Artists in Dialogue. Opening reception at the Grosse Pointe Congregational Church on Nov 30 from 7-9 pm. Refreshments and jazz music, too! 15 poets and 15 artists will have work inspired by participants. From Connie McEwan: I've had a lovely month of art and was truly heart- broken that I couldn't attend the opening on Friday night. I never know when and how the neuro pain will hit but it's never convenient for sure. But, on a happier note, in addition to my unbelievable award from BSWP, I received the Livonia Arts Commission Award earlier this month and had two paintings in Our Town. The Stafford Gallery in Petoskey continues to represent me. Fran Seikaly won 2nd place in the Livonia Fine Arts Competition. Vasu Tolia has a painting in the Scarab Club gold medal exhibit and two in DAM holiday art. From Loretta Markell: I have a painting in the Grosse Pointe Art Association Show, Our Rivers Our Lakes. It was at the War Memorial, now it’s at the Boll House, 32 Lake Shore Drive, Grosse Pointe Farms until Dec. 8. I was surprised and pleased to see that they used my painting as the image on their newsletter. "LAST CALL: Please review your information and if there are any corrections and/or deletions to the membership booklet, please let Kathleen Montgomery or Carolyn Hall know. Thanks!" Holiday Party: (Location of holiday party and December meeting) At the home of Sally Parsons 11 AM December 12, 2017 Bring food if your last name starts with M - Z Everyone brings a gift to exchange. Re-gifting is encouraged. Do not spend any more then $10 if you buy a gift FUTURE SHOWS: This is the schedule for the Novi Atrium Art Exhibit in 2018: Birmingham Society Of Women Painters Submit: 6-Aug Install Date: 13-Aug-18 Opening Date: 16-Aug-18 Opening Time: 6-7pm Uninstall Date: 21-Sep-18 The next meeting is on November 14, 2017 at the DIA Detroit Institute of Arts 5200 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI The museum opens at 9 am. Come whenever you like between 9 and noon. If you draw in the galleries use only pencils. Shows include Monet, Church and Ofrendas: Celebrating el de Muertos The Asian galleries have just been reinstalled. We will meet in Cafe DIA at noon for lunch and a short meeting.