February Newsletter 2018 President’s Statement - Loretta Markell January 2018 A very positive and productive meeting was held at the BBAC on January 11, 2017, attended by Amy Kantias and Annie VanGelderen, and our members, Jan Filarski, Donna Kennedy, and myself. We reviewed the reasons for not having a Fall show in 2018, which as you know were communicated and discussed at our January general meeting. We then moved on to talk about future shows. A contract was started for our Spring 2019 show which will run from March 8 through April 18. We mentioned that in our last meeting our members unanimously said they preferred a Fall show. So, when we were offered a choice between Spring or Fall in 2020, we took the opportunity to schedule our show during the period from September 11 to October 8, 2020. During the meeting, we brought forward the idea of contributing an award at the BBAC Student Show. I understand that this idea has been discussed before and has had broad support. This was enthusiastically supported by the BBAC, and now the BSWP will be the donor of the “Birmingham Society of Women Painters Award” of $100 to be given at the annual student show. I believe we are very fortunate to be affiliated with the BBAC, which is such an active and successful center for the arts. And based on my impressions at this meeting, the feeling is reciprocated. I think we should especially acknowledge Annie’s donation of the “President’s Award” at our shows. Finally, we agreed to encourage all members of the BSWP to consider further supporting the BBAC by buying a membership if they do not have one already. And, don’t forget we have a show to prepare for at the Detroit Public Library in May. Loretta January 9, 2018 BSWP Meeting Minutes Meeting called to order at 11:04 am by President Loretta Markell. Corrections of December 2017 minutes: Kati Montgomery said the directories (for people who missed the December meeting) would not be mailed. They will get handed out at meetings instead. An extra copy will be given to Marcia Tournay for historical records. Loretta informed the group that a meeting scheduled with Amy and Annie (at BBAC) on Jan. 11 to discuss the change in timing of BSWP show. Rather than having our exhibit in the fall as usual, another show organized by Gerhardt Knodel, director emeritus of and Cranbrook Art School is taking our time slot. They will have a two month show. Loretta is requesting a specific spring or fall show for 2019 and going forward. Jan Filarski commented this is the second time this has happened, and requested input from the group on what we should request as a group. Some comments were: “Tell them we are very disappointed” and “we shouldn’t be handing our large donation to them this year”. We may possibly have representation on the BBAC board of directors according to Leslie Masters, in the future. For 2018, request March and for future years we prefer fall. Shirley Gower said our founding of BBAC should be considered. Jan Filarski said we should ask for a two month show so that we are the same standing as the other groups who show there. Ev Schwartz reminded the group that only one month is budgeted for at this time so we will either have to help fund the show or find a way to add funding. Group agrees we should chip in if we have to but we should emphasize that this is the group that founded the facility. Many of the current people directing the BBAC are looking for more contemporary art types to show. We have a link to BBAC on our website, they should have a link to ours on their website. Sue Kwolek asked if all of our members are financially contributing members of BBAC, as it would strengthen our position if all of us were contributing members. Jan Filarski and Loretta Markell are going to the meeting. Jan suggested we members introduce ourselves to Annie when we see her at the BBAC and say we are members of the BSWP group so they remember the strong linkage. Membership chair: Carolyn Hall cannot do it so Kati Montgomery will take over membership chair. Treasurers Report: Ev Schwartz gave an update of the tax status: 2006 law change required us to file with tax exempt status and it wasn’t done. To become tax exempt we had to meet a lot of new requirements and pay $400 and all of this has been submitted but we have not received notification of tax exempt status. State has also converted to all online applications and we had sent it in on paper so Ev is working on that. Benefit of tax exempt status is that we won’t have to file income tax and donors can write off donations. Check has been cashed so that’s a good sign. Income from members is $3165. Expenses are: $2169.94. We are overspent in our performance to budget due to the IRS penalty (which we had not budgeted for) and awards. We currently have $4102.20 in the account. Board member job descriptions: Loretta suggested the Board Member job descriptions should be in the bylaws and also in the directory. All Board members should write something short to describe their job and send it to Loretta. She will compile a sheet as an add-in into the directory. Next election will be May 2019. Exhibits: Detroit Library: Donna Kennedy & Ellie Gause to video the library to figure out if we can do one or two paintings per member. Requesting members to start planning their artwork. Previous discussion said submissions had to previously been juried into a show, but members voted to allow new work into this show, trusting members to put their best work forward. Novi show: Jan Brown, Donna Thibodeau and Vasu Tolia will help with chairing. She will put a proposal forward for next newsletter. Novi show will be in August 2018. Programs: Jan Filarski reported that Jan Brown set up Jeff Cancelosi for February. Jan Brown suggesting members attend his opening for show 6:00 at University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods. Make sure members get with presenters beforehand to find out what they need for presentations, plan to feed them lunch, and talk up the group. Loretta will get a juror to critique our paintings. Annetta Lind is trying to get Kim R to do cold wax demo. There was some discussion about why jurors choose or decline the works we submit would be very valuable and appreciated. Lisa Richter reported there were BSWP 300 hits a week. People are looking. A lot more than your own website. Please send her photos, can link to your own website. Whatever you want to send her. She will update as necessary. She needs two for “file” for when we are pitching our shows. Jan Filarski does proposals of our work so they can see the quality of our member’s work. Older members should update their work and new members should make sure they send in something. Member announcements: Jan Brown, at Hatch in Hamtramck, figurative work the exhibit is open Saturdays through January. Sue Bauman needs more people to volunteer to bring snacks to the meetings. Donna Kennedy said pictures of people at the party were lots of fun to see. We thank Lesley Kutinsky for taking the photos! Jan Filarski reminded people of Michigan Annual Show at the Anton Art Center. Sue Kwolek and Jan both are in this year. Loretta Markell is in the Ellen Kayrod, Women Strong show. They are still calling for work. Scarab Club silver metal show is taking applications. Shirley Gower said the Church display show in February will be Sue Kwolek. Meeting adjourned at noon. Respectfully Submitted, Cindy Parsons Recording Secretary Tech Talk - Lisa Richter Just a reminder that the BSWP website is www.bswpainters.org. It is a good resource for meeting info. The current newsletter is always posted. There is also a Members Gallery tab. You are welcome to have a free page of your artwork in that gallery by submitting 3-6 jpegs of your work to Lisa. Our website has close to 300 visits per week. Also, the club maintains a CD of member’s current artworks, 2 or 3 apiece. We solicit gallery exhibits with an application and by sending our CD. Please email recent jpegs for this purpose as well. Thanks! Lisa ANNOUNCEMENTS Vasu Tolia has a painting accepted into the BBAC’s Student show. She also was accepted into the Year of Resistance show. Loretta Markell has two paintings in the Ellen Kayrod Gallery for Women Strong, opening Feb. 2 from 5-8pm and and one in the Scarab Club for the Gilda Snowden show opening Feb. 23 from 5-8 pm. Leslie Masters will be featured in a show at BBAC titled "Fifty Years of a Color Painter", a retrospective exhibition opening Friday, March 9th, from 6 to 8 P.M. Ellie Gause has a work in the Scarab Club Snowden Exhibition, Feb. 21 - March 31. Jan Brown has two pieces in Lawrence Street Gallery’s Body Eclectic show. Opening is on February 2 from 6-9 PM. Amy Foster is the juror. Barbara Baker has two works accepted into the BBAC student show. Fran Wolok installed seven paintings at the Oak Park City Hall. She also has two paintings in the Ellen Kayrod Strong Women show. REMINDER: Annetta Lind will be bringing a dessert to the February meeting and Sue Bauman and Donna Kennedy would appreciate knowing if one other person could bring a dessert to the same meeting. Please let one of them know if you can. (They really don’t need anyone to surprise them!) There should then be a sign up sheet for other meetings in the future. Comments: From Carolyn Hall: No message just enjoying Florida and missing you all. Carolyn From Donna Thibodeau: No cards this month. Good news! ________________________________________________________________ February Meeting: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018, 10:45 A.M. Guest Speaker: Jeff Cancelosi Jan Brown Newsletter Editor